Darkness Visible

Welcome Museum: This Place Called Home


The Amazon Project

Earth Paintings: Klambragil Canyon

Nature Attuned

Simone Couto

2 x 2


NYC AnakoLab Performance Festival | Judson Memorial Church

Amazonia—A gestural Drawing Made of Soil and Ashes

2016: 10th NYC Anarchist Art Festival

2017: 11th NYC Anarchist Art Festival

2020 — 2019

2019 — 2018

On The Way To The Sea— NYC Public Commission

2017 — 2016

2015- 9th NYC Anarchist Art Festival

ōō”†–ō: When Hungry, Eat Your Rice

2019- 12th NYC Anarchist Art Festival


The Observatory of Senses

2015 — 2014

Solar Therapy

Three Studies on Natural Principles and Fundamental Forces of Nature

Terra Firma

Terra Firma— Returning to Home

Archeology of Memory, Behavior, and Biodiversity Naturalis

Ground —The Immigrant Experience

Santa Lucia — At the Earth's Navel

2012- Airport

Unseen Realities / Bio ArtPhotography

BioArt Seoul

Bear Mountain Project



2011 — 2010

When All Things Evaporate We'll Talk About Minerals

Landscape Portraits

Immigrants of The Plant World


Textile Sculptures and Mixed Media

Borders and Beyond/ Paintings commissioned by the Mxican Consulate

Early Portrait Oil Paintings