Packer Collegiate Istitute, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

THE OBSERVATORY: The Practice of Seeing the Unspoken


The Observatory with contain several sheets of black cardboard paper.

1) Participants walk in and take one of the 22 blankets (in pairs of 2 different colors, glary and white) available.

2) Participants pair up with someone with opposite color blanket and they choose a place on the stairs or the room to sit.

3) When the bell rings, participants stare into the other's eyes for two minute.

4) When the bell rings again after the two minutes, participants walk down and write one or two thoughts they had during the activity.

5) Action repeats. Participants choose someone with the same color blanket. They sit with a new partner. They hear 3-minute extract from John Cage's Lecture on Nothing. They write down their thoughts.