Darkness Visible.

Site-based Multimedia installation, Iceland.  Solo Exhibition. El Museo de Los Sures, , NY

Welcome Museum

Social Choreography and Istallation, NY & MA


Commisioned Performance, NY

Earth Paintings: Klambragil Canyon, Iceland

Nature Attuned. Paintings. Exibition. The Yard Gallery , NY



2 x 2

Social Choreography and Istallation. La Nacional, NY, and ISCP Gallery, NY


Social Choreography and Istallation, RI

NYC AnakoLab Performance Festival | Judson Memorial Church

Amazonia—A gestural Drawing Made of Soil and Ashes, Performance. ISCP Gallery, NY

2019 — 2018

On The Way To The Sea— NYC Public Commission

2017 — 2016

ōō”†–ō: When Hungry, Eat Your Rice

Video Installation, NY


Video Installation, NY

The Observatory of Senses

Social Choreography and Istallation, NY

2015 — 2014

Solar Therapy

Commissioned Video Installation. El Museo de Los Sures, NY

Three Studies on Natural Principles and Fundamental Forces of Nature


Terra Firma, a Film


Terra Firma— Returning to Home

Solo Exhibition. Momenta Art Gallery, NY

Archeology of Memory, Behavior, and Biodiversity Naturalis

Installation. Exhibition. The Invisible Dog Gallery, NY


Multimedia Installation. SVA Gallery, NY

Santa Lucia — At the Earth's Navel

Site-specific Multimedia Performance, Matera, Italy

2012- Airport

Video and Installation

Unseen Realities

Bio Art Photography

BioArt Photography Installation

Exhibition. Science Museum of Seoul, South Korea

Bear Mountain Project

Site-Specific Performance, NY



2011 — 2010

When All Things Evaporate We'll Talk About Minerals

Multimedia Installation. PioneerWorks,  NY

The Thing in Itself

Exhibtion. Nars Foundation, NY

2021 — 2020

nowhere to go but everywhere

Site specific Multimedia Installation. Old Mill Trail, Hinsdale, MA

Living in Times of a Pandemic

Exhibition. Brazilian Consulate, NY

Letter to All Mothers

Site-specific Performance and Video.

Smokey Mountains, NC

Community Engagement and Utopian Proposal, Amazonia, Brazil


Boundless Flow

Exhibition. Curatorial Practice PAroject Space, NY

The Sky is Higher Here

Exhibition. Transmitter Gallery, NY

Plastic Flowers Don't Die— Vertical Garden

Site-Specific Installation, NY

Textile Sculptures and Mixed Media

Borders and Beyond

Paintings. Mexican Consulate in DC

Current Exhibitions