Commissioned by Laura F. Gibellini.

El Museo De Los Sures, Brooklyn, NY

Single Channel Video. 2.18 Minutes. 2015.

Conceptualized and Produced by Simone Couto

Sound Design by Brian Mountford

Edited by Marianna Olinger and Brian Mountford

Solar Therapy juxtaposes the worlds of mind and matter. When light and freedom are lacking in everyday life, they can still be found in the world of imagination. Solar Therapy is a video created for the exhibition “Notes on a Working Space,” by Laura F. Gibellini.  The artist says that her exhibition was conceived “as a drawing-based project and as a think tank in which to explore the specific components of my artistic practice in relation to the built environment.”

Solar Therapy


Once the right to light exists the owner of the right is entitled to "Sufficient light According to the ordinary notions of mankind":

Colls v. Home & Colonial Stores LTD (1904).

In the sixth century

The Romans recognized the human right to light

And the English protected it by law

When it crosses the glass

The retina

Captures its rays

The eyelids

Preserve the memory, the geometries

Of my loved ones

The heat

Occupies all cracks to the extent that

This present body dilates

Today the sun came between 12:30 and 1pm  

Washington time

February 15th

Torn and brief

Between concrete and clouds

I waited and waited for you

For three days