Gallery Overview


Exhibited @ UPROOT Periphery Space, Pawtucket, RI

Curated by Donna Cleary and Tiffany Smith

October 21 - November 18, 2017

Single or Multiple Ikea child's bed in solid wood, mattress, Newspaper

articles on Daca policies, headphones, matres in store plastic wrap.

65" x 30 3/8", 2017

Sound Design: Manuel Pessoal Lima

Photo Documentation: Tiffany Smith

Since 2012 I have discussed immigration as an art form, investigating the

concepts of memory and belonging. I continue to voice and show the

immigrant experience. DREAMers, created for UPROOT, is an indirect

reflection on the immigrant experience under the current threatened by

government policies. I recorded seven stories coast to coast from seven

immigrants  who generously shared their time after a calling placed on

social media. Stories will be heard on headphones. The viewer will

be welcome to engage with a child's Ikea bed which has been

patch-worked with articles related to those protected under Daca, also

known as  “Dreamers."  project originated from a personal place and is

  now about the lives of others. Hopefully, creating a collective experience

of empathy.