I am a Brazilian artist working across disciplines and based in New York.

Point of articulation

Of the wings of birds

My latest works involves performances in remote landscapes. Then, I turn the experience into video and multimedia installations in traditional and unusual spaces such as schools, observatories, churches, and landmarks. These projects explore the intersection between art, philosophy, sociology, science, and literature.

The Volcanic Poetry of Mineral and Beings

Rocks. Bodies.

Matter decomposing to                                    

Serve as fertilizer, to become soil.                              

A rock and a man are

By definition or dream

The arrested motion through space.     


It is what remains of a collision.                                                    

What kind of cosmic dust links                                              

                    all things?

What comes next?

In my works, it is possible to rethink the relationship between place and humans as knowledge devices in the construction and reconstruction of one's sense of belonging.  

My visual and performative work has been exhibited in Museums (BioArt SeoulĀ | Gwacheon National Science Museum, Korea, Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA, 2013), galleries (Momenta Art, 2014, Glasshouse, 2014), the Embassy of Mexico in DC (2012), in Art fairs (Governor's Island Art Fair Exhibition, 2011), in cultural centers in the USA (PioneerWorks Center for the Arts, 2014, Invisible Dog Art Center, 2013, Electronic Arts Intermix, 2013), festivals (Dumbo Arts Festival, NY, 2010), Judson Memorial Church, El Museo De Los Sures, Brooklyn, NY, 2015). In 2013, I was part of a selective residence in Italy, followed by a public installation-performance inside one of the monuments of world heritage city, preserved by UNESCO, the Well of Matera, Matera. My poetry has been published in Brazil. In 2007 and 2009, I was a selected as a writer by the International Literature Festival of Paraty (FLIP) to participate in the festival. I have collaborated with other artists and musicians: JaeWook Lee, Marcos Lutyens, Laura F. Gibellini, Marcos Kuska Cunha, and other contemporary artists. My works have been exhibited in the US, Brazil, Sounth Korea, and Argentina.