Media: Mixed Media ( Fish Skin, Linen, and Gouache)


Nature Atunned

Two-Artist Exhibition

August 13-Jan 5

The Yard

33 W 60th St New York, NY


The 11 paintings I created for Nature Attuned uses the skin of the fish as the central element in the construction of new visual elements in paintings beyond its wide-world spread use in the fashion industry. When attached to a canvas, it echoes the landscape. In my compositions, I play with line, texture, and the space within the frame by completing the negative areas around each different skin with linen. I brought together linen and skin with sewing, a skill I learned from my mother and grandmother. In this process, it is possible to build new spaces without any waste. Finally, I use the tactile surface as a palette of colors and tones found in the Icelandic landscape. By placing the skin in evidence, we are reminded of how much of our material culture is built from the bodies of animals.

The Hafnarborg Museum invited me to produce work. I felt that I was done with the work around the volcano. I wanted to experience Hafnarfjörður, the port town I was living for a month, located on the southwest coast of Iceland, about 10 km south of Reykjavík. The town is one of the oldest fishing villages. There were a lot of Viking influences as well everywhere, including visual references such as drawings and paintings of symbols. I would take walks along the shore where the boats were anchored. One day I had a conversation with a museum employee, and she told me how fish skin is so historical and crucial for their economy. In fact there's an Icelandic Flag made of fish skins in their national museum. You know, resources in Iceland come very much from geothermal energy and the sea. I also came from a fishing village in Brazil. So it all made sense to me. So, I sourced fish skins. There are many tanneries spread around the Island. When I began working with the material, I was fascinated by the fact that I was dealing with what remained of a living creature.