Creation-de-creation-re-criation, ancestry, history, and cosmology.

The madness one may feel (I have felt) when entering complex environments and reconnecting to something primitive: the unknown, fear, endurance, resilience, balance, and love for all things including what we don't understand, control, or have.

We, artists, are here to imagine what creation(s) is(are) once God has left things undone on the face of this earth. We are here as makers of reality.

The Amazon journey begins with

Images of Fitzcarraldo

A transposed Mallarme's ship wrecked in the silence

A fragment of Popol Vuh:

"This is the account of how

all was in suspense,

all calm,

in silence;

all motionless,


and empty was the expanse of the sky."

Deep down, we are God's favorite actors

Documentation of the Jurupari Ritual @ Aldeia Indígena Tuyuca.

Documentation of visit to Tiradentes School, located at Igarape do Camara Rio Negro, cidade de Iranduba. Couto reads to first and second grade students.