DANCE OF THE PHOTONS: Performance Studies

Site specific installation-performance

Fitness Center for Art and Tactics, Brooklyn, NY

curated by JaeWook

Participants: JaeWook Lee, Simone Couto, Rosanna Scimeca, Stephanie Hyojung Kim

Dance of The Photons is an experimental performance inspired by the “Quantum Entanglement” phenomenon. Quantum entanglement is a reaction between two elementary particles far from one another without any mediations. In other words, the particles influence each other beyond the realm of time and space. Albert Einstein once called this “a spooky action at a distance.” In the show, performers perform different subjects in different locations, yet they are all interconnected.

The participants and objects occupy and co-habit a space called Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics in Bushwick where musicians, artists, and curators live, work, and meet together. By using bodies and objects, the space is filled with following themes: the movement of gravity (Simone Couto), audible silence (JaeWook Lee), architecture (Rosanna Scimeca), an imaginary organic creature (Stephanie Hyojung Kim) and the sense of déjà vu(alarm clocks). New perceptions of space-time are blown into the space, creating complex networks of forces, particles, connections, relations, and affects. Where do you start a new world? A community of consciousness in which invisible layers of fabrics allow us to share knowledge and love in an instant - dance of the photons.

In The Body and Clay, I echoed by memory the struggling bodies of Francis Bacon’s paintings as I stepped in clay, transformed it and dissolved its unity.

Gestures can be transferred from the body (or object) to another body through memory and physical recollection, and then, preserved. The gestures are "body sensor units" capable of reaching longer ranges,In Bodily Network Transmission (BNT), the artist is simultaneously inside of its containment (body) and outside (the other’s body). Dislocated from its pre-fixed roles and its armature, the body becomes fluid to connect and host multiple gestural languages.